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Date : 12-06-12 15:59
[Member Info] Applying procedure

1 After clicking on the 'Sign Up' button on the top of any website, please read our terms of service notice. After you have read the admission stipulations and the privacy warranty article, please check the two 'I have read the privacy policy and agree to it.' box, click on the 'Agree' button and you will access to the next page.
2 You have to enter your personal information on this page. It is divided into essential info section and optional info section. Please be careful not to forget to enter any essential information and fill out the optional information boxes as you wish. However if you decide to fill out these optional info, we will use them in order to send you various information about the products.
3 Be aware that after entering your user ID you will not be able to change it afterward. And, please be careful to choose an ID user which has less than 12 characters.
4 After you filled out your personal information, please click on the  'Save' button and enjoy shopping in the


Customer Guide
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27 [Member Info] Applying procedure
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