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Date : 12-06-12 15:43
[Buy Info] Order Cancellations
You can get a 100% refund only if a paid order is cancelled in the next 24 hours following the payment.
1 Cancellation before payment (for the items registered in the shopping mall)   Customers can cancel an order by themselves if they did not pay yet by doing the following : after loging in, please go to the 'Order Status' menu, select the order you want to delete and click on the 'Cancel' button. 
2 Automatic cancellation   If the payment could not be verified in the 7 days following the order, it is automatically cancelled. You can refer to the 'Q&A' board if you wish a recovery of the automatically cancelled order. You cannot recover it if the order deadline is over or if the items are sold out.
3 Cancellation of the items excepted dolls and special order products after payment (and before shipping)   The general items (clothes, wigs, eyes, tools, etc) cancellation method, at the exception of dolls ans special order products, is explained in the 'Q&A' board. Send us a message from the 'Q&A' board, and administrators will cancel or change the products that should not be shipped without any extra charge. Customers cannot manage paid order cancellation by themselves.
4 Cancellation of the dolls and special order products.   The pre-ordered items available on can be pre-ordered by making a pre-order downpayment. After transferring this downpayment, it is possible to make the rest of the payment at any time before the item becomes available in our stock. We will inform you about the item availability by email and through a notice posted on our site. It is still possible to complete the rest of the payment during the next 5 days from the product availability date. If you wish to cancel a pre-ordered, please note that the reservation downpayment is not refundable, so please consider this before you place your order. It is possible to refund only the rest of the payment (total amount paid past the reservation downpayment) in case of cancellation (however, in case of payment by credit card, it is possible to have the downpayment refunded. Please note that the refund will be made according to the cancellation day's currency rate). In case of "maker short" (low quantity sale), we will supply the customers who have paid first. If the supplying process seems difficult, we guaranty the full refund of the reservation downpayment.
5 Cancellation of general products after payment
(and after shipping) runs a NO-RETURN policy. Please think well before placing your order. This policy can be discussed if you receive a defective item. In this case, please report your problem on the "Q&A" board within 24 hours from the package arrival date.


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