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Welcome to the new LILA website ! 
Thank you for visiting us.^^ is dedicated to the new hobby brand LILA and contains a shopping mall from where you can purchase the LILA official products.
Here you will find all the information about the LILA dolls and have the possibility to purchase our products.
We always offer the best of our creations and a top-class customer service.
Today is a very special day because it is the birth of both Lila dolls and LILA website.
We hope that you will enjoy them... Thank you in advance for your interest !! ^^
Product Lineup

On sale starting January 21st. 2013
Product name, description, launching date, price, to the shopping page
ex) A song for you
Fantasy Collection doll. She is the beautiful sea fairy LILA from the sea depths. She wears light and graceful wings and her hair are decorated with a shell and a starfish.
She is a limited edition and comes with the following accessories as shown on the picture, including a dress and a pair of shoes. On sale from January 21st 2013. Price: $145.60

Product name, description, launching date, price, to the shopping page
ex) Cruising to the new world
Fashion Collection doll. She is a blonde and cute LILA with a romantic style. She comes with a hat, a dress, underwear, kneesocks and shoes. 
On sale from January 21st 2013.: $145.60

A Song For You
Lazy Butterfly
Ghosty Ghosty
Milkyway Splash
A Very Catty Day
Chain Eve


Cruising to the New World
Soy Sauce-Flavored Candy
Berry Bubble Pop-pop
Belle de Paris
Goblin Princess
Autumn Stroll


Lavender Garden 
Petit Macaron 
Cherry Berry Cupcake 
Sweety Minty Tea-Time 
Picnic on Sunny day


Dreaming of Santorini 
Romance in Venice